We have helped over 19.2 million people worldwide. Behind this number lie the stories of how individual lives have been transformed in some of the world's poorest communities.

Real stories

Solo and Ze at the new waterpoint in their village

Big days: Antohobe 10 Sep 2014

The arrival of safe, clean water means big change and a brighter future for the community of Antohobe in Madagascar.

Community activist Usha Pradha (right) shows women from Shikharpa how to sew their own sanitary pads.

Better hygiene, better health 27 Aug 2014

We're supporting girls and women around the world to take control of their menstrual health - so they can look forward to a better future.

Ram Rati, female mechanic, in Mahoba district, India.

Ram Rati’s story 19 Aug 2014

Broken handpumps and wells are no longer a problem in Mahoba district, India, thanks to Ram Rati and her team.

Sisay Mideksa at the Bishoftu water utility office compound.

Sisay’s story 19 Aug 2014

Sisay started working at her local water and sanitation as a meter reader, but now she is one of the first trained female plumbers in her area.

Pooja Bharti, 24, a community leader, teaches menstrual hygiene and women's health to local women.

A big year for Pooja 19 Aug 2014

After Pooja's marriage ended, she decided to dedicate her time to improving the lives of her community – and pursuing her own career dreams.

A woman walks through a slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Breaking the silence on menstruation in Kampala, Uganda

WaterAid Uganda has been working with 40 schools in the slums of Kampala, the capital. As well as providing safe water and sanitation facilities, we’re promoting menstrual hygiene in schools to empower students and teachers to talk about the subject.

A woman walks through a slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Menstrual Hygiene Day

We're marking the first Menstrual Hygiene Day by challenging the myths surrounding periods, so they no longer stop women and girls achieving their ambitions.