We have helped over 21 million people worldwide. Behind this number lie the stories of how individual lives have been transformed in some of the world's poorest communities.

Real stories

Ram Rati, female mechanic, in Mahoba district, India.

Koudougou's story 5 Mar 2015

Koudougou Aminata was trained as a water monitor by WaterAid. Now she helps her community in Burkina Faso make the best use of their inconsistent water supplies.

Ram Rati, female mechanic, in Mahoba district, India.

Lawayesh's story 5 Mar 2015

Lawayesh Wonde lives in a slum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She is the accountant for a WaterAid project that has built a rainwater-harvesting tank, toilets and showers in the slum.

Ram Rati, female mechanic, in Mahoba district, India.

The 'Toilet Ladies' 5 Mar 2015

Meet the ‘Toilet Ladies’! Sangeeta Srivastava and Chetna Tiwari have become well known in Kanpur, India, after motivating people to build life-changing toilets in more than 40 slums.

Ram Rati, female mechanic, in Mahoba district, India.

Ram Rati’s story 19 Aug 2014

Broken handpumps and wells are no longer a problem in Mahoba district, India, thanks to Ram Rati and her team.

Yemisrach, 7, Ethiopia.

Yemisrach’s story 20 Feb 2015

Having clean water and safe toilets at school will give Yemisrach the best possible start in life – and the chance to enjoy her childhood.

Ze, right, with her teacher Chantal at Ambohimatsinjo Primary School.

To be a girl is... to be in school 19 Feb 2015

The arrival of safe water in Ambohimatsinjo village means Ze can return to the classroom for the first time in three years, and dream of a better future.

Timara Kunana and her husband, Bihon Kulfe, smiling outside their home in Borkora, Konso, Ethiopia.

A life-changing love story 11 Feb 2015

For Timara, falling in love didn't just mean getting married and starting a family. It also meant learning to read, going to school and changing the future for her community.

A girl washes her face at the new waterpoint in Kuranza, Ethiopia.

Big Days: Kuranza, Ethiopia 8 Feb 2015

When the community of Kuranza learnt that, at long last, they had an opportunity to access safe, clean water, they committed every ounce of their energy to making it happen

Mary Musa sits with her two-week-old son Eli

Across the tracks 2 Feb 2015

As the Clean India campaign gets underway, with its ambitious target of a toilet for every household by 2019, WaterAid explores how something as simple as a toilet can help transform lives by following the story of one ambitious mother in Uttar Pradesh.