A day to sing, dance and celebrate clean water
12 March 2015

It’s always an amazing moment when a community gets access to safe, clean water for the very first time. But in the village of Sajbote Siruwani in Nepal, the celebrations surpassed everyone’s expectations – with over 100 people coming together to sing, dance and play instruments before the official opening ceremony for their new taps.

The excitement was overwhelming. And given what the community has been through, that’s no surprise. Until now, they had one of the lowest levels of water and sanitation coverage in the whole of Nepal – but thanks to your incredible support, everything is about to change.

Watch the moment clean water arrived in Sajbote Siruwani:

With access to safe, clean water, the people of Sajbote Siruwani have the chance of a brighter future. But it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our local partner, Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH), and the hard work of the community themselves.

Reaching the village requires an arduous, three-hour walk up a steep hill, which made transporting materials difficult – not helped by the landslides and floods which are common during the monsoon season.

But working together, we were able to channel clean water from a natural spring to taps throughout the community, which will provide more than 300 people with a regular supply of safe water.

Kalyani and her family at the new tap in Sajbote Siruwani, Nepal.
Kalyani (second right) and her family with a new tap in Sajbote Siruwani, Nepal.

For mums like Kalyani, the new taps don’t just bring clean water, but also another precious resource: time.

Before, she had to carry a heavy gagri [traditional water pot] on an hour-long round trip along a narrow, steep path to collect water from an unsafe source. Her children often had to make the journey too.

Now she has clean water just a moment away from her home, she’ll have more time to spend with her family, and her children will be able to get to school on time, instead of worrying about collecting water.

“This really has changed our lives,” Kalyani says. “Thank you very much for bringing clean and safe drinking water to every house in the village.”

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