200 reasons to celebrate
27 June 2015

When a school gets taps for the first time, it's always a great cause for celebration.

But thanks to your amazing support, safe water is changing lives in not just one, but 200 schools in Raichur, southern India.

Working with our local partner, Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM), we’ve installed new waterpoints and handwashing stations and promoted good hygiene practice to thousands of pupils – and now we have big plans to reach 465 schools by next year.

See the difference safe water has made at schools in Raichur:

The need for taps in Raichur could not have been greater. Less than 20% of the district has access to these basic services, and groundwater is contaminated with arsenic in some areas.

Of the 200 schools we've worked with so far, many have only the most basic of infrastructure. Students often had to carry clean water with them from home, which sometimes wouldn't last the whole day, preventing them from washing their hands before eating.

And with no access to water many girls were forced to drop out of school when they got their period.

Girls wash their hands at the new handwashing station at Government Higher Primary School, Kavithal village, Raichur, India.
Girls use the new handwashing station at Government Higher Primary School, Kavithal village, Raichur, India.

The chance to learn again

At Government Higher Primary Girls School in Kavithal village, the arrival of waterpoints and handwashing stations has transformed lives.

Attendance has improved drastically and pupils are enthusiastic about going to school again.

"Our teachers and staff went door-to-door to the houses of students who had dropped out of school due to the lack of safe water, to convince their parents to send them back," says the school's headmaster, Amarappa.

"Now we have the highest number of students in the village!"

A girl washes her face at a new tap in Kuranza, Ethiopia.Discover more Big Days >
When the community of Kuranza learnt that, at long last, they had an opportunity to access safe, clean water, they committed every ounce of their energy to making it happen.