We have helped over 23 million people worldwide. Behind this number lie the stories of how individual lives have been transformed in some of the world's poorest communities.

Real stories

A woman laughs as she carries a jerrycan on her back in a mountainous location.

Orke Otta's story

Orke Otta and her seven children live in the Konso district of Ethiopia. Since Orke's village built a borehole she no longer has to walk for hours to collect unsafe water. Orke gave birth on the way to a water source. She will not have to do this again.

WaterAid's Programme Manager in Rwanda describes her role.

Noella's story

Noella's primary school is in Tshimahavaobe, Madagascar. It is very hot and there is nowhere to get water.

Bashona Sharkar smiling and holding books in her hand

Bashona's story

As the new secretary of a water and sanitation committee in the slums of Dhaka, Bashona has gone from busy housewife to inspirational community leader.

Children at a water point at their school in Rwanda

The sky's the limit

A huge rainwater harvesting tank at Juru Primary School, built with WaterAid's support, provides a constant safe water supply to over 1,000 students.

A boy leaning on his schoolbook

Malichama's story

Malichama has been in and out of hospital for many years, and only recently did doctors discover that he had bleeding in his stomach and around his kidneys.

WaterAid's Programme Manager in Rwanda describes her role.

Noella's story

WaterAid's Programme Manager in Rwanda describes her role and explains why innovation is so important.

Esther's story

For International Day of Persons with Disabilities we're taking a closer look at what making water and sanitation accessible for all really means. Esther is blind and has mobility issues. Before clean water came to her village she was unable to wash and lead a dignified life.