As of November 21, 2023, Jal Jeevan Mission reports that 70.76% of rural areas in India have functional household tap connections. 

Why clean water?

Ensuring safe and assured access to clean drinking water at the household level is still a work in progress in specific regions. Additionally, inadequate water for essential tasks like washing, cooking, and food production leads to health issues, impacting education and livelihoods.

Depleting groundwater levels intensifies the need for sustainable water sources—an issue central to our focus. Water security involves having sufficient clean water for maintaining standards in food and goods production, sanitation, and healthcare.

WaterAid India is dedicated to implementing enduring solutions, striving to make clean water accessible to everyone, everywhere in the country.

Our approach

Our approach is to and local skills to facilitate the creation, implementation, and management of enduring water security plans. To achieve this, we employ diverse strategies: 

  • Develop community-level , led by natural leaders and community members for sustainability.
  • Introduce processes like , enlightening communities on water budgeting to involve them in finding solutions.
  • Mobilise communities and such as healthcare centres, schools, and anganwadis.
  • Collaborate with relevant departments, offering at local levels in both urban and rural communities.
Clean water
Samartin Bai (32), a Baiga woman collects water from a natural spring at Kapoti Village in Dindori, Karanjiya, Madhya Pradesh, India. With the support of WaterAid India, the community members worked together to build the slow sand water filter.
Image: WaterAid India/Srishti Bhardwaj

Our impact

Together, we are making a meaningful impact by collaborating with governments, development partners, utility companies, community-based organisations, businesses, entrepreneurs, and local communities. Our daily efforts focus on advancing access to clean water. 

We focus on long-term solutions

Consistently collaborating with a diverse range of stakeholders, our ongoing efforts are dedicated to making a lasting impact on improving access to clean water for all. By fostering partnerships and working closely with governments, development partners, community-based organisations, businesses, entrepreneurs, and local communities, we aim to implement sustainable solutions that address the challenges of water access.

This involves not only immediate actions but also strategic, long-term initiatives that contribute to universal access to clean water, thereby positively impacting the health, well-being, and livelihoods of communities across the country.

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