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WaterAid and rural sanitation

  • North Regional office is providing technical support to District and State to ensure access to toilets. Technical support is focused on building community cadres, capacity building mandated institutions, Hygiene education, ODF planning and ensuring access to marginalised and disable. Region is also engaging with state to establish models around Solid Liquid Waste Management in selected gram panchayats in collaboration with State SBM Mission.
  • South Regional Office is facilitating process of building community level models around sanitation and Water security. Building strong community cadres like Basti Vikas Manch is the key strength of the program.
  • West Regional Office is engaged in the process of technical support to Government in Chhattisgarh on SolidLiquid Waste Management. Technical support process includes Capacity Building of Local Government and concerned officials as well as piloting and demonstrating appropriate and cost effective technology.
  • East Regional Office is building community level disaster resilient models on Water and Sanitation in coastal regions of Odisha. The models include household level Bio digester toilets.
  • In Delhi, a pilot on building effective Faecal Sludge Management system is going on in one of the community in Savda Ghevra.

Our approach

  • Facilitating process of Behaviour change through campaigns and community mobilisation process towards ODF with focus on most marginalised
  • Capacity building and strengthening mandated institutions
  • ODF sustainability and Solid Liquid Waste Management
  • Building community cadres/ collectives, ensuring participation of disable, women and children in process

Key Impact

Building on from models on the ground influenced the district governments to integrate inclusive designs as part of the annual planning. The districts supported to develop districtwide SLWM plans and implement them with participation of and cost sharing by local governments. Districts supported with District Resource Groups, who further assist the district in the capacity building and handholding of local institutions.  WAI supported CLTS trainings. Engage with support District Water and Sanitation Mission/Committee and WASH forum in developing plans and monitoring performance. At state level, facilitated process of state resource group in few states for e.g. Uttar Pradesh. State resource group will further support the State Sanitation Missions with the training of the district functionaries and other technical assistance. WAI was part of the independent validation and learning processes, including social audits to ensure improvements in data quality and monitoring systems especially in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Themes of work

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