As COVID-19 cases rise and most places are locked down, we need your help more than ever. Few subsets of sanitation workers are at the forefront of this pandemic, and are suffering the most due to loss of livelihood and are struggling to make ends meet.

India has approximately FIVE million sanitation workers engaged in different categories of sanitation-related work and FOUR million informal waste pickers. Of these, informal waste pickers and women engaged in manual scavenging are the worst hit, due to loss of livelihood and income- either due to lockdown, or as people stopped engaging them. They were already earning too less, and NOTHING these days.

We aim to provide basic financial support of INR 3500 per month for 3 months regularly, through direct cash transfer processes, to identified families of close to 1000 women engaged in manual scavenging and around 1750 identified informal waste pickers. We hope this will protect them and their family members, till the time they start earning again. Such support is important to ensure that they are not starving during these days and that they have accessed essential safety measures. We should do this urgently, and we are counting on you!

Your intervention is vital. Please help us support them.

Help us in supporting them

They are often unseen and their woes unheard. They belong to the most marginalised sections of society and are struggling to make ends meet with no work to support them.

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Image: WaterAid/Sudharak Olwe

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Why WaterAid?

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