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WaterAid/Prashanth Vishwanathan

With H&M, we intend to create a community-led long lasting model to dispose off waste in a Delhi slum community.

Our partnership

The renowned fashion brand H&M focuses on its long-term vision to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Having worked with WaterAid India on clean water and hygiene management in the past, H&M is now supporting us for decent sanitation and good hygiene programmes.

Through this partnership we further aim to establish community-led sustainable models of solid and liquid waste disposal. The year-long partnership will help us reach out to approximately 250 families - 1250 people in a slum community in Delhi.

Under the project, the key objectives are:

  1. To build models of solid and liquid waste disposal in the community
  2. Form groups of community collectives within the community
  3. Improve hygiene awareness in the community

To start off, several community awareness initiatives and activities were planned to sensitise them about rights associated with water and sanitation. To manage solid and liquid waste, long lasting and environment friendly models have been demonstrated. The idea of promoting this as collective initiative with the active involvement of the community has also been accepted well. Natural water sources are recharged, wherever possible; while interface meetings have also been organised with the relevant stakeholders.

As a result of these initiatives, families have adopted the waste disposal model with a strong focus on liquid waste. Additionally, groups of people from within the community now have the required support from the government to manage the system.