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Crypto Impact Report

Crypto Impact Report



Thanks to the generous support of the crypto community, we have reached vulnerable people around the world with lifesaving services and education this year.

Your $BTC, $ETH (and more!) has helped us scale our work so we can reach more people with clean water.

We won’t stop until everyone, everywhere has access to water, sanitation and hygiene, for good and the crypto community will play a large part in when we achieve this.

Thank you. Your support today leads to clean water tomorrow.

The power of crypto

Meet Tsehaynesh from Ethiopia. When we first met her, she was struggling to juggle the competing needs of collecting water with attending school.

I started collecting water when I was six or seven years old. I found it very hard to carry the pot back as it was very heavy.

I used to collect water from the spring by the river, which was very far away; it took about 30 minutes to walk there and back, plus up to an hour waiting for your turn.

I had to start collecting water very early in the morning; it was very tiring. It mean that I was late for school. Being late for school affected my studies as I would often miss the first class and it was hard to catch up.
Tsehaynesh, 5th Grade, Ethiopia

WaterAid installed three water points in the community and one in the primary school as part of a larger project. The water is stored in an underground tank and treated before being piped to water points with six taps, ensuring there’s always enough water. WaterAid also helped establish water committees to maintain the facilities.

This means that Tsehaynesh and thousands more people just like her no longer have to worry about water collection eating up the prime hours of the day.

It’s really good that we now have the water taps. We were very happy when they arrived. I’m never late for school now as the water is nearby so it doesn’t take much time to collect it.

Tsehaynesh dreams of becoming a nurse and supporting her family when she leaves school.

Now, thanks to the clean water services nearby, she stands a much greater chance of being able to complete her studies and fulfil her potential.

This is the transformational power of clean water in a community.

Number of people the crypto community has reached with clean water so far this year:

That's 5,700 more people equipped to live their lives and flourish.

We were founded in 1981 and so far have reached more than

28 million people.

All of whom could tell you about the impact of clean water, here are just a few of them:

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The company we keep

When crypto donors support WaterAid they feel like it's not just the money that matters, it's the community. Bravo to the WaterAid team on an amazing Crypto Philanthropy program - and thank you to the crypto donors who support them!"
Pat Duffy, Co-Founder, The Giving Block

As cryptocurrencies have become more popular, so has the volume of cryptocurrency donations.

From a modest start to...

In 2021 cryptocurrency donations have increased by 100% from 2020.

Bitcoin has company

We now receive cryptocurrency donations in a wide variety of coins, and counting!

We currently accept 25+ cryptocurrencies thanks to our partnership with The Giving Block.

A special thank you

We cannot accomplish this work without you. Thanks to your support, we reached vulnerable people around the world with lifesaving services and education.

You help us scale our work to reach millions and create long-term progress. Thanks to your ongoing support, we were able to respond quickly to help stop COVID-19 from spreading.

We believe that every problem has a solution and the water crisis is no different.

Thank you for being part of the solution.

Looking to the future

Backpacks not buckets

We will be taking part in the second #CryptoGivingTuesday event. Our goal is to equip 800 girls with clean water, so they can stay in school.

Check out our crypto-appeal below!


We believe that the crypto community is uniquely-positioned to solve the water crisis, for good. The opportunity to HODL a portion of our crypto assets, to build them up, will give us flexible funding, at scale, in the future. Such opportunities are rare, once in a generation, and we want to partner with this burgeoning community for maximum impact.

Stay tuned for updates

The classic

If you believe in the impact of clean water to undo poverty, please donate now.

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