Noella Urwibutso 

My job is hard work as my time is so full! I sometimes have to stay at the office until 9pm during busy periods.

We currently work in one district called Bugesera where there is a great need for our work. I spend a lot of time in the field to check actual progress on the ground, and to solve any problems that occur.

WASH [water, sanitation and hygiene] is very important to communities but you don't see it being discussed. We have a limit of what we can achieve without the support of government. What we want to do is to get them to understand the voice of the community and to invest more in solving their problems to change things. 

Recently I met a woman whose village had been forgotten for many years. After we built a safe water source, she said, "Now you can see how clean I am and my kids are using clean water since they were born – this is really a miracle." It was so inspiring to know we had reached those most in need. 

Innovation plays a big part in what we do. There is a lot of rain in Rwanda but it is not being used. We are currently in the piloting stage with rainwater harvesting. We are looking to make the tank cheaper still and looking to improve the filtration process to improve the water quality. 

We need to think of the future – if we use clean water to flush our toilets, wash our cars, water the garden – then this is connected to why people in Bugesera district don't have any safe water, or only enough for using once a day.

In my work for WaterAid I have grown and feel more professional and confident. I know I am involved in essential activity – making a difference to some of the poorest people. Rwanda's future is bright.

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