Chief Balogun owns a toilet after hygiene behaviour change campaigns

Chief Balogun sitting in his palace.
Image: WaterAid/Busayo Bolanle

Agbede Omolaiye community is at the heart of Ikorodu-North Local Council Development Area (LCDA) with a bad road network that sometimes makes the community hard to reach especially during the rainy season.

The community is a large one made up of eight Community Development Associations (CDAs) and a population of over 5million. The community struggles with maintaining hygiene despite their access to water. However, with the Hygiene Behaviour Change Campaigns in the community under the Kimberly Clark-funded Sanitation and Hygiene Improvement Project residents have begun to change their behaviours.

Alhaji Balogun Agbaje, the Baale (Chief) of the community, 65 says that information and messages from the hygiene behaviour change campaigns were very useful to him. He narrates how he is putting the knowledge gained into use in his personal life and within the community.

Chief Balogun showing of his newly constructed toilet
Image: WaterAid/Busayo Bolanle

I have a toilet in my house for domestic use but did not have one within the palace vicinity that visitors could use. Since my exposure to the hygiene behaviour change awareness, where the facilitators kept talking about the use of a clean toilet, I had to construct one so that visitors can conveniently use it.