Our Country Programme Strategy (CPS) 2023-2028 is aligned with WaterAid’s Global Strategy 2022-2032, and it aims for advancing climate resilient and universal, sustainable and safe WASH for wider change.

WaterAid Global Strategy

Making universal WASH coverage a reality and trekking towards a world where WaterAid no longer needs to exist

Bangladesh Country Programme Strategy

Creating access for vulnerable communities to have climate resilient and inclusive Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

WaterAid Bangladesh has devised a strategic plan that responds to the evolving WASH sector in Bangladesh and global shifts, aimed at achieving universal WASH access by 2030 and aligning with the SDGs. Drawing from our field experience and community insights, the strategy harnesses our specialized expertise to address emerging sectoral challenges while staying aligned with our Global Strategy and the SDGs.

At the core of this strategy is a revamped program structure that enables us to effectively tackle evolving issues and cater to community needs. This approach ensures our contribution towards universal WASH access by 2030 and the broader goal of sustainable development.

WaterAid Bangladesh's programs, "Advancing Climate Resilient" and "Universal WASH for Wider Change," have been structured to optimize their impact on our strategic goals, considering their unique contexts. These programs will directly target objectives that fall within our specialized expertise, while also assuming a role in learning, advocacy, and influencing across broader areas that engage various international stakeholders, including transboundary concerns.

Advancing climate resilient and inclusive wash will focus on climate governance and national adaptation priorities with our collective efforts. Our programme work will be anchored in 11 climate impact hotspots (identified in the National Adaptation Plan) with a focus on the coastal belt (increased salinity), the central north (droughts), and the north and northeast (flooding). We expect that our WASH systems and services will become made climate resilient, gender-responsive, and inclusive across communities, institutions, and public spaces, with integrated climate resilience in national policies. Adequate resources, capacity, and leadership will ensure the sustainable operation of inclusive and climate-resilient WASH at all levels.

As for universal, sustainable and safe wash for wider change- we believe that WASH inequalities, people’s rights and national SDG targets will only be met if there is a step change to accelerate progress and leave no-one behind through a system strengthening approach. Hence, our programme work will involve two-pronged delivery streams: creating a demonstration model in one area for replication in other areas, and amplifying change by contributing to the national WASH agenda through system strengthening approach.   

Clean water, proper sanitation and good hygiene help everyone around the world live happy and healthy lives.

Let's make this normal for everyone, everywhere, always.