Compendium on Grey Water Management Technologies for Rural Areas

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Successfully demonstrated designs, models and solutions
Successfully demonstrated designs, models and solutions

This compendium is an attempt to articulate the work on Grey water management in rural India.

In this regard, it was an attempt to capture various technological Interventions present across different climatic zones, terrain, and conditions.

This is structured to generate lessons and practical knowledge gained from the interventions and outcomes and unblock bottlenecks for practitioners through continuous analysis, research, documentation, and learning from grassroots models and demonstrations.

The Government of India launched Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) Phase-II in February 2020 in succession to Swachh Bharat Mission Phase I, where the prime focus is the sustenance of ODF status along with the management of solid and liquid wastes generated from rural households.

Appropriate and adequate greywater management solutions are crucial for the protection of human and environmental health. Management of grey water is the dire need of the hour. There has been an increase in the number of Grey water management innovations, for varied geographical and climatic conditions emerging as a systematic overview of existing and emerging technologies appropriate for use in rural India as per geographical conditions.

The compendium provides comprehensive and structured reference material for successfully demonstrated models that are present in rural areas in India. It has a compilation of all such Grey water management technologies to manage the Grey water coming out from the kitchen, showers, baths, cloth wash, vessel wash, and basins flowing into the open drains or resulting in water-logged areas which is the major cause of waterborne diseases.

All WASH practitioners, implementers, various SBM officials, and various stakeholders may refer to it as a comprehensive knowledge bank on Grey water management. The compendium is meant to facilitate informed decision-making, strategizing, and planning Grey water management system.

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