How can you help?

From learning more about the water, sanitation and hygiene crisis around the world to taking action to curb your water waste and environmental impact, there are so many ways to get involved with our mission. We want your employees' passion and skills as we embark on our mission of reaching everyone, everywhere with clean water, toilets and hygiene assistance. It's not an easy task, but with your assistance we help the poorest take their first steps out of poverty.

How does this work?

From integrating into your existing employee engagement program, or helping you build one through our portfolio of options, we're here to help you and your employees work together, meeting professional development outcomes and helping those in need.

How does this work? (Photo)

Lunch and Learns

We'd love to come and speak with your employees in person or via webinar. We can provide an overview of the global water crisis, what WaterAid is doing around the world and tailor our talk to employee interests as well. We have a variety of speakers with different perspectives and experiences within the organization who can all speak to different aspects of our work.

Ms Sarina Prabasi, WaterAid America's Chief Executive wraps up the event

Sustainable Living Month

Dedicate a month of your programming to focus on sustainable living practices. We can provide a poster toolkit to hang around the office, raising awareness for the need to conserve water and the environment as well as the global scope of the water crisis. Pair this with a more active challenge, called the Just Water Challenge--where you can mobilize across and amongst teams in a competition to drink only water for 2-4 weeks. There's so much more you can tie in here, as well. Run a 5K, host yoga and meditation in the office, or run a campaign to reduce your plastic waste!

WaterAid runner being cheered on by supporters in the Virgin London Marathon, April 2017

Winnovators Challenge

Our Winnovators challenge is a great program that mobilizes teams from companies around the world to learn about and innovate on challenges WaterAid faces in our work. Solving a real-life problem (from engineering to marketing to technology) your company can put together a team to participate in this 9 month challenge, culminating in an opportunity to visit the focus country where WaterAid is working.

Winnovators team in Nicaragua

Celebrate with us!

We have major days throughout the year that we celebrate as WaterAid. We can send you toolkits so that you and your employees can join in on all the fun! From our #Blue4Water awareness raising campaign for World Water Day to contacting your representatives on International Women's Day, we'd love for you to join us.

Blue4water WaterAid photo

Volunteer and Board Opportunities

We have volunteer and Board Member opportunities that can be filled remotely or out of our NYC office. With flexible timing and responsibilities, we'd love to tap your employees' expertise to support our work around the world. From structuring our financial models in the countries where we work, to supporting projects in our NYC office, we love giving employees a closer look at WaterAid through more hands-on involvement.

WaterAid America board member visits Colombia program

Why WaterAid?

Just like you, we’re a team of driven individuals looking to make the world a better place. We know that together, we can reach everyone, everywhere with clean water and decent toilets. We work in 33 countries worldwide, bringing social and economic transformation to the communities in which we work. Join us to promote sustainable solutions that make lasting change. 

We have reached 26.4 million people with clean water sine 1981 and we're only just getting started...