Advocate with us

A WaterAid staff member collects signatures for the 2016 WaterAid 'Toilets Save Lives' Campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the 2.3bn people worldwide who don't have access to a clean toilet. Festivalgoers at the 2016 Glastonbury Festival were encouraged to sign a petition urging the UN to ensure that this situation will be resolved by 2030. WaterAid/Ben Roberts

Whether you sign a petition or lobby people with the power to change the world, your voice is powerful

Why advocate with us?

When you use your voice to support clean water, you’re tackling the real reason why one in ten people don’t have it, and why a further one in three don’t have a decent toilet.

The biggest challenge we face isn’t technological – it’s political. That’s why your voice is so important.

With your help we can spark chain reactions, influencing governments to change laws and making lasting change happen on a massive scale.