WaterAid has created a quiz to showcase the central role this mystery object plays in our development.


Nutrition plays a part too, but you probably know this. But can you guess what else might directly contribute towards your height? The answer might shock you. Take our short quiz to find out!


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Here's a clue. It's something you use roughly 6 times a day. (Source)
Still can't guess?

The humble toilet is the answer.

Yes, the john, the restroom, the whiz palace (TM Lesley Knope, Parks & Recreation), the bathroom. 
Whatever you call it, we all know it. It's pivotal role in our collective health is clear and yet more than 2 billion people (that's 1 in 4, guys!) do not have access to a safe toilet.

If you want to help, please consider donating to WaterAid. We are working to get clean water and safe toilets to everyone by 2030. We have reached 23 million people since 2004 with safe sanitation but there are still 2 billion more people who need our help.

Let's end this sh!tty situation now!