Aguayuda joins forces with WaterAid

3 May 2016
Colombia, Water


Since 2006, Aguayuda has provided access to clean water and sanitation to over 11,000 people in the department of La Guajira, Colombia by repairing windmills, installing pipelines, repairing water storage tanks, distributing water filters, installing composting latrines, building laundry washing stations, providing hygiene education and training in the local indigenous language, and facilitating the legalization of water-user associations.

The underserved population for water and sanitation services in Colombia is one of the largest in South America. Nearly 9.8 million people still lack access to sanitation and toilets, while 4.4 million people do not have safe drinking water.

The department of La Guajira is a remote, mostly dry desert, peninsula occupying the border between Colombia and Venezuela. It is home to the country’s largest indigenous population, primarily Wayúu. The area is mostly rural, and 9 out of 10 residents live in extreme poverty, made worse by the third year of extreme drought.

With the goal of reaching the poorest and most marginalized populations with access to WASH, WaterAid will build on Aguayuda’s work in La Guajira. Leveraging Aguayuda’s expertise in the region-specific challenges and WASH solutions WaterAid aims to reach nearly 30,000 people in Colombia with water, sanitation and hygiene programs over the next three years.

In addition to the work on the ground, WaterAid brings policy and advocacy expertise to Colombia by working with local policymakers to ensure that sustainable safe water and proper sanitation become a reality for La Guajira and its more than 300,000 residents.

To ensure a seamless transition, Aguayuda’s team will stay on and join the WaterAid family. Extending its reach into Colombia, WaterAid continues to work towards its global mission to bring safe water to everyone, everywhere by 2030. ¡Adelante!