The fastest growing megacity Dhaka gets three more public toilets 

Posted by
Samia Mallik
5 January 2017

As an ongoing initiative under the SUNRISE project, WaterAid Bangladesh in association with Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) has launched three more modern public toilets at Muktangon Park, Tejgaon Truck Stand and Panthakunja Park of the capital. 

Respective Mayors of Dhaka City Corporations inaugurated these public toilets on 5, 8 and 9 January 2017. In separate inauguration ceremonies, both mayors emphasized on the need for more public toilets for the city. Mayor Mohammad Sayeed Khokon said, “We have taken a project to build 100 public toilets. In the mean time we have already inaugurated some of these. Wateraid will help us to build 17 public toilets in the capital and they will handover to us after maintaining these for three years. We hope, this will meet the growing need of public toilets at various areas. The initiative will be continued and we look forward to complete building these toilets by 2017.”

Mayor Annisul Huq said, “A total of 10 toilets in Dhaka North will be built with support from WaterAid. Due to lack of space we are not being able to build new toilets in crowded places. If anyone offers land, we are happy to build more public toilets. WaterAid will continue to build some, different NGOs will built few, although City Corporation will remain key responsible for them.”

Dr Md Khairul Islam, Country Director, WaterAid Bangladesh said, “Clean and functional public toilets are a dire need in ensuring public health. These public toilets are a result of the initiative of City Corporation, WaterAid and H&M Foundation; with aims to make commuters lives across the city more comfortable.”

These toilets are female and disabled friendly, and are equipped with modern facilities including separate chamber for male and female, locker, hand washing point, shower, safe drinking water facility, 24x7 electricity, CCTV camera, professional cleaner and female caretakers.  

This is in continuation of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed among Dhaka South City Corporation, Dhaka North City Corporation, Dhaka WASA and WaterAid Bangladesh to ensure environmental health by proper use of public toilets. Notably, WaterAid Bangladesh has rebuilt a number of public toilets in different strategic locations of Dhaka with support of Dhaka North and South City Corporation under the banner of project SUNRISE funded by H&M Foundation.