Who is Waupo the WASH Hippo?

Waupo the WASH Hippo is a dynamic cartoon character on a mission to spread the WASH gospel to younger populations everywhere. 

Where is Waupo from?

Waupo was born along the banks of River Nile in the Murchison Falls National Park in 2016. Her birth coincided with another milestone, the launch of WaterAid Uganda’s 2030 strategy.  

She is the first born of the WASH Hippo’s, a well-regarded family among all the animals and humans alike in the park area. The WASH Hippo’s family is also known for their strong advocacy and protection of all things, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in the park area. 

Why is she here?

At the age of four, and already possessing unparalleled wits and unusual levels of empathy, particularly for the human race, Waupo grew increasingly concerned about the state of humanity in regard to WASH. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, worried for the fate of humanity, Waupo asked her family to let her visit the land of men, women and children, to spread the WASH gospel and quite possibly, help save the human-race.  

Image: WaterAid/ Uganda

Where is Waupo today?

Impressed by her noble pursuit to venture on a path no one in her family had taken before, the WASH Hippo’s shared their knowledge with Waupo and wished her well on her journey to reach everyone, everywhere with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.  

On invitation of the WaterAid Uganda Country Director, Jane Sembuche, Waupo has joined the WaterAid Uganda family, and is anxious to start her journey in spreading the WASH gospel.

Our storybook is out now!

Waupo is currently championing a hygiene behavior change campaign in schools all over Kampala.

Her debut storybook, "Waupo Goes to School"  is out now. The book is available in multiple variations including a version for those with visual impairment and hard of hearing. 

Get a copy of the storybook here!

Image: WaterAid/ Uganda