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Choose WaterAid as your school charity of the year or term, and unlock the potential of children just like Angelo (above) with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

Why WaterAid?

By making WaterAid your charity of the year or term, you'll be helping reach children with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

With all three essential services, children can lead healthier lives. They have the chance to go to school, enjoy their childhood and fulfil their potential. 

What's more, your pupils will get to see the amazing impact of their fundraising through regular video and email updates from the schools and communities we support – like Simango School in Zambia.

Pupils and their Head Teacher display a 'Thank you' sign for the piped water system that was recently installed at their school.
Image: WaterAid/Chileshe Chanda

Fundraising by schools helped Simango School install water pipes, a toilet block and handwashing stations for the first time ever. Now, the students can enjoy studying and playing in an environment with clean drinking water, safe private toilets and good hygiene – things that should be normal for everyone, everywhere.


We have a huge range of teaching resources to share with you, as well as engaging educational films and fundraising ideas.

Check out our People Pipeline - an interactive, educational fundraising challenge. 

What schools say

Susan Armitage, Wyvil Primary School: “WaterAid is such a good cause and I wanted the children at our school to realise that they could change the lives of others for the better.” The school created an art installation from recycled CDs and blue wool and have raised over £2,500 for WaterAid through mufti days, their JustGiving page and local corporate fundraising.

Teacher Georgie Dart, Robinsfield Infants School: “It was really fun and easy to take part in the ‘Bottle It’ activity. It got the children talking about water and we were surprised at how quickly the pennies added up – we raised £685.89 just from empty water bottles!”

Jen Tuson, Shine Saturday School: “Our Saturday School did the Pupil Pipeline challenge as part of our Africa topic. The resources for this fundraiser were great and we felt very well supported throughout. I would recommend other schools get involved with a WaterAid fundraiser!"

Why take part?

Choosing WaterAid as your charity of the year or term brings multiple benefits to both teachers and pupils. Here are just some of the rewards:

  • Community spirit: a common goal (for example, a fundraising challenge) unites the entire school community and encourages creativity and teamwork. 
  • Transferable skill set: students develop practical numeracy and organisational skills through planning fundraising activities.
  • Save time: our free learning resources save teachers’ time, and really bring water to life in the classroom.

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