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Celebrity climate tattoos make their mark at Glastonbury

Celebrity climate tattoos make their mark at Glastonbury

Glastonbury Festival

It can be easy for us to take taps and toilets for granted. Often, being at a festival – where we have to think about where we can refill our bottle, or use a loo that’s not quite like the one we have at home – is the first time we start to realise just how vital they are.

But, although access to clean water and decent toilets is a basic human right, millions of people are still living without – and climate change is only making things worse.

So, we invited Glastonbury performers and other well-known WaterAid supporters to lend their creative talents to Our Climate Fight campaign, by designing a range of temporary tattoos that celebrate the power of water, and highlight the need to support communities facing the devastating impacts of climate change.

Peace & love (& water!)

Legendary Beatles drummer and long-term WaterAid supporter Ringo Starr said:

“I believe every human on the planet deserves clean water.

“As a long-time supporter of WaterAid, I’m excited to share my climate-themed design.

“Please join me and WaterAid in their campaign to bring clean water to all – let’s change the world together.

“Peace, Love (& Water). Ringo.”

Peace, Love and Water - Ringo Starr

Crazy what water can do - Becky Hill

What can’t water do?

Singer Becky Hill will be performing on the Other Stage on Sunday evening.

Her design is a play on her top ten track with David Guetta, Crazy What Love Can Do.

A reliable source of clean water can free people – usually women and girls – from the daily burden of walking hours to fetch dirty water that only makes them ill.

It can keep families safe and healthy, giving children the opportunity to go to school, and adults to earn a living.

And it can empower whole communities to unlock their potential, take control of their futures, and transform their lives – for good.

Clean water – along with decent toilets and good hygiene – is a source of strength, dignity and hope.

Quite simply, as actor and activist Cel Spellman's design puts it, water is life.

But climate change, and the extreme weather it's causing, is making life even harder for the 771 million people around the world who already don't have a reliable source of clean water.

Water is Life - Cel Spellman
The tide is high, clean it up now - Debbie Harry
Stop messing up the planet - Debbie Harry

The tide is high – and it keeps on rising

Blondie will the playing the iconic Pyramid Stage early on Sunday evening, and lead singer Debbie Harry has created two punk-inspired designs – one of which features a twist on the lyrics of their 1980 hit.

Rising sea levels are having a devastating impact on some of the world's most vulnerable coastal regions: across huge areas of Bangladesh, saltwater is making drinking water unsafe and destroying farmland – and with it, people's livelihoods and entire ways of life.

Explaining why she’s chosen to join Our Climate Fight, Debbie Harry said:

One in ten people worldwide live without access to clean water – that’s just wrong on every level.

“This basic human right is unavailable, and it’s getting harder for those most at risk due to the growing climate crisis.

“I’m supporting WaterAid’s Our Climate Fight campaign as we can fight this injustice together and protect people and our planet.”

Too little, or not enough: most people experience climate change through water

Longer, hotter and more severe droughts are drying out wells and springs, meaning people have to walk even further to find the water that they – and their crops and animals – rely on.

And devastating floods are polluting water sources and washing away existing systems, undoing the progress made to bring clean water right where it's needed the most.

Comedian and actor Doc Brown, who'll be performing in the theatre and circus fields, explains his design:

“Whether we like it or not, we’re seeing more and more extreme weather events around the world each year, and nearly all of these impact access to water for the most vulnerable communities.

“I’m supporting WaterAid’s Our Climate Fight campaign with my design, so together we can support those on the front line of the climate crisis.”

Droughts out, floods suck - Doc Brown

Our Climate Fight

World leaders can – and must – do more to support communities facing the impacts of climate change.

By making a song and dance about the power of clean water, we can get them to listen, and invest in vital services that are built to last. As a result, more people will be able to stay healthy, go to work or school, and take control of their futures – whatever our changing climate brings.

This is #OurClimateFight. Are you in?

Where you can get the tattoos

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to Glastonbury next week, make your way to The Stand (right next to the Pyramid Stage) or the Meeting Place (opposite William’s Green) to add your voice to Our Climate Fight campaign, and adorn your limbs with some (or all!) of the limited-edition tattoos.

You’ll also find us at festivals up and down the UK this summer, so keep an eye out for our water kiosks, Good Loos, and teams of awesome volunteers to get your hands on these exclusive designs!