Thanks to incredible people like you, we’re closer than ever before to making clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene a normal part of daily life for everyone, everywhere.

Our annual report lets you meet the people changing their lives, and see how your support is making a lasting difference around the world.

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See our global annual report 2017-18


What countries does your annual report cover?

Our annual report looks at WaterAid’s activities in the UK and the programmes we manage in Africa and Asia.

Who did your money come from in 2016-17?

More than half of our income comes from hundreds of thousands of individuals in the UK giving regular amounts.

Meanwhile, two thirds of our income is given as 'unrestricted' funds – giving us the flexibility to adapt to emerging situations and the discretion to target resources where they will be most effective in transforming lives.

  • Total income: £81.1 million
  • Individual supporters: £43.4 million
  • Corporate and trust supporters: £14.9 million
  • Other WaterAid federation countries: £10.9 million
  • Governments and other institutions: £8.2 million
  • Fundraising in our other countries: £3.6 million
  • Interest: £0.1 million
How did you spend your money last year?

Last year, we spent what we planned to, but the drop in the value of the pound after the Brexit vote meant we had to change where we spent some money. To make sure our work overseas wasn’t negatively affected, we spent less in the UK and used some money we had set aside for issues like this.

In total, 77% went on delivering services and making change happen, and 23% went on fundraising.

  • Total expenditure: £87.5 million
  • Fundraising: 23%

Delivering services and making change happen:

  • Supporting partners to deliver water, toilets and hygiene: 53%
  • Influencing policy in water, toilets and hygiene: 14%
  • Supporting WaterAid globally: 10%

For more detailed financial statements, read our full annual report >

How we're run

We’re run by a team of talented and experienced individuals, committed to changing normal for everyone, everywhere.

Value for money

We ensure our resources are put to the best possible use so we can transform even more lives.

Our fundraising promise

We couldn't do the work we do without you, which is why we value your trust so highly. It's also why we make this promise to you.


1. Numbers for households and schools = people who use these services every day. Numbers for health care facilities = the population each facility exists to serve, adjusted to reflect the scale of alternative/private provision.


2. People reached either through facilities or sustained promotion. Hygiene promotion numbers are estimates of people reached with hygiene promotion messages at least three times in a year through local marketing campaigns in communities, in schools and via local health services.