Our vision is of a world where everyone, everywhere has clean water to drink and somewhere safe to go to the loo. Sounds fair, right? But the share of aid for water and sanitation has fallen by a third since 2015. So we won’t get there without a massive change in approach from governments.

When you join our campaigns, you help to show that there is public demand for governments to do things differently. You amplify the voices of the people living without clean water. And you help to keep decision-makers accountable to the promises they make.

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Add your name to our message to the new UK government, asking them to invest in clean water for all. Every drop counts, every voice matters!

Where we are now

Almost one in ten people still don’t have clean water close to home. Almost one in five don’t have a decent toilet. And one in four can’t wash their hands with soap at home.

Over 1,000 children die every day because of these failings*.

And yet, the share of aid for water and sanitation has fallen by a third since 2015.

Where we could be, with the right investment

When families have clean water close to home, women and girls no longer spend valuable time on long walks to collect water.

When children grow up with clean water on tap, they learn for longer because they're in school more, opening up opportunities they'll have for the rest of their lives.

When health facilities have clean water and proper hygiene, patients can receive the care they need to get well, and healthcare workers can prevent diseases from spreading.

When communities have clean water that keeps flowing whatever the weather, they can adapt to the impacts of climate change and continue to thrive, wherever they live.

Update on Our Climate Fight

Over 30,000 of you joined our campaign, calling on the UK government to invest more of our international development aid in clean water projects that can help communities adapt to climate change. We handed the signatures in to No.10 in the lead up to COP28.

We delivered 30,000 signatures and messages to the UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak ahead of COP28
Image: WaterAid/ Oliver Dixon