Media roundup - clean water, WASH news, January 21, 2022

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Young girls sit in a class in Mozambique.
Image: WaterAid/ Eliza Powell

January 21, 2022

All the water, sanitation and hygiene news that's fit to publish.

Acute water scarcity hits Niger communities 
Nigeria makes nationwide efforts to curtail Lassa fever outbreak 
Gazette NR: 
WaterAid in the news

Pakistan President calls for comprehensive solutions for effective water management 
Daily Times - 


Extreme Poverty Rises in West Africa Due to Covid-19 Pandemic 
Was South Africa ignored over mild Omicron evidence? 
BBC - 

Africa CDC chief calls for COVID vaccines with longer shelf life 
Al Jazeera - 

False banana: Is Ethiopia's enset 'wondercrop' for climate change? 
BBC - 
Ghana blast: Many feared dead after huge explosion near Bogoso 
BBC - 
Burkina Faso authorities ban planned Ouagadougou protests 
Al Jazeera 


Nestle withdraws Hindu KitKat range in India over accusations of disrespect 


This is good news! Port in a storm: the trailblazing town welcoming climate refugees in Bangladesh 
The Guardian - 


Antibiotic Resistance Killed 1.2 Million People In 2019, Study Finds, A Leading Cause Of Death 

Op-Ed: Drug-resistant infections are a rapidly escalating global health crisis – we need to fight back 

WaterAid in the news

WaterAid statement in response to The Lancet article: Investment in water, sanitation and hygiene is critical in fight against silent killer of millions 
Relief Web:

The urgent need for clean water at home and abroad - Claire Seaward warns of the spread of drug-resistant infections through dirty water 
New Zealand News: 

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