Clean water can help change lives.

For people like Ncenekile in eSwatini, our changing climate is making their lives harder. Scorching weather is damaging crops, with the community experiencing little rainfall.

Having access to clean water could help Ncenekile’s community grow more produce: "I would start farming my vegetables. Water is like food - if there is water, people live healthy and productive lives.”

Right now, 785 million people in the world – one in ten – do not have clean water close to home.

We'll keep working until everyone, everywhere has clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. But we can’t do it without you.


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About WaterAid

WaterAid has teams in 28 countries across the world, working with our partners to transform millions of lives every year by improving access to clean water, toilets and hygiene.

Since 1981, we’ve reached over 27 million people with clean water. But we can’t stop there.

In the last 39 years, we’ve gone from strength to strength to become one of the most respected organisations dealing solely with water, sanitation and hygiene issues.

What does WaterAid do?

While installing taps and toilets is essential to our work, we do so much more. We convince governments to change laws, link policy makers with people on the ground, pool knowledge and resources and rally support from people and organisations around the world, making lasting change happen on a massive scale.

Why regular donations matter

Regular gifts by direct debit give us a predictable income so we can commit to helping more people. Plus direct debits mean we pay less in processing fees than for credit card gifts.

Our fundraising promise to you

We’ll use your donations to transform lives in the best way we can. 69% is spent enabling people to transform their lives with safe water, decent toilets and good hygiene, 22% is spent on fundraising and 9% is spent on accountability and administration costs (which include bank fees and regulatory costs).