Afonsina gave birth to all her children at a health centre without clean water. She had to go home to clean herself and her baby after the birth. With no access to water or only dirty water to wash with, mums and babies are at higher risk of getting sick, or in tragic cases, dying. More than a million mums and newborns die every year from infections associated with unclean births.

We need your support to change this today.

When a woman gives birth at the health centre…she has to go home to shower. The hospital needs better water resources. If we have water here, things will be better for women after they give birth. We will also be able to use the toilet.


Across the world - there is a mother giving birth without clean water every two seconds.  But with your support, we can change this. By donating you are helping mothers uphold their dignity and protect their babies and themselves from infections.

Your donations could help heal whole communities by bringing clean, running water to their clinics, households and community. Keeping everyone safe, it’s a simple, small solution that you can support. Your kind donation will make a massive impact.

Will you donate to help bring safe, clean water to health facilities and communities like Afonina's around the world?

All donations are used to support WaterAid's water, sanitation and hygiene programs, and aren't restricted to this project.

About WaterAid

WaterAid has teams in 29 countries across the world, working with our partners to change millions of lives every year by improving access to clean water, toilets and hygiene.

Since 1981, we’ve reached over 27 million people with clean water. But we can’t stop there.

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What does WaterAid do?

While installing taps and toilets is essential to our work, we do so much more. We convince governments to change laws, link policy makers with people on the ground, pool knowledge and resources and rally support from people and organisations around the world, making lasting change happen on a massive scale.