Corporations play a vital role in supporting WaterAid’s mission in a mutually beneficial relationship. We are dedicated to building tailored relationships that meet your company’s needs.

Why partner with us?

By partnering with Wateraid Canada, you'll receive all the expertise we've learned from working with the private sector for over 30 years. A partnership offers great potential to help you achieve your marketing, sustainability and HR objectives. Along with tapping into our expertise in sustainable programming and employee engagement, WaterAid can provide valuable exposure through marketing materials, website and social media.

WaterAid was set up by the private sector: water industry partners came together to support an organization focused on water, sanitation and hygiene. Collaboration with companies is part of our history and at the heart of what we do.

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Work with us to develop tailored partnerships that deliver shared value. From working within your supply chain to delivering on CSR values, we love co-creating and innovating with the private sector.

Operating in 28 countries worldwide, we collaborate to improve local water and sanitation infrastructure and the lives and livelihoods of people where your business operates. Learn more about where we work >

Consumers love brands with social purpose – and water is something people really care about around the world. By partnering with us, you will align your brand to a cause close to the hearts of millions of people. We can provide your business with valuable exposure through marketing materials, website and social media. We look forward to creating a partnership tailored specific to your needs and goals.

Mobilize your employees with our innovative approach to employee engagement and development. Learn more about the many ways we can support your employee engagement program here

Clean water and decent toilets transform lives, far beyond health benefits. When freed from the daily burden of walking hours to find and collect water, women have more time to work and care for their families, children’s lives are saved, and school attendance rises. Communities can take their first steps out of poverty. See stories from our work >

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Boosting Business

Are you part of a global corporation? Learn how investing in water, sanitation, and hygiene services throughout your supply change has a positive impact on your business and the communities where you operate.

Boosting business: why investing in water, sanitation and hygiene pays off
Image: WaterAid/ DRIK/ Farzana Hossen

Employee engagement ideas

Spending $2.75 on your favorite coffee every day can cost you $1,300 a year. Spending $75 per week on beer and wine amounts to $3,900 each year. We invite participants to do "Just Water" for a week or a month, and to donate their projected savings to WaterAid as a monthly gift. E.g. saving $24 during a week-long Just Water Challenge would mean a $2 monthly gift to WaterAid. Automatic deductions via payroll, direct debit or credit card make this an easy campaign to administer. This is often a VERY popular activity in January of each year as people are following through with New Year’s resolutions.

Many companies encourage their employees to make charitable contributions by offering workplace giving programs through which contributions are deducted directly from paychecks. It adds up to BIG impact. For example: 100 staff members donating $5 per month would generate $6,000 over the year to be directed to a specific project. When companies offer a match contribution, it doubles the impact which goes a long way to bringing the water crisis to an end.

Let’s change the meaning of having a blue day! Staff have the option of wearing comfortable blue jeans in lieu of their traditional business attire in exchange for a set donation to WaterAid.

Each department puts forward a team of golfers or curlers to compete in a company-wide tournament.
Donations to WaterAid come from entry fees, and additional fundraising opportunities like a 50/50 draw.
Bake Sales, Spring Cleaning sales, Clothing swap events and the likes are all great ways to engage your staff to come together and support a common cause! Pick a day that’s special for your office to focus your campaign OR take one of WaterAid’s special days and run with it: World Water Day, International Women’s Day, World Handwashing Day, World Toilet Day or support one of our holiday campaigns for greater impact and reach. Ask us for more info about our Key Activation Dates!

Whether it is a one-off gift or recurring, corporate gifts are a vital source of funding for our international programs. There is no minimum commitment. WaterAid is pleased to offer Lunch & Learn sessions or to lend our traveling photography exhibit to participating companies. Impact reports and stories will be shared to demonstrate impact attributed to any donation made. Water and sanitation are top issues of concern for today’s global consumer which means it is a mutually beneficial investment for your business as well.

If your employees are mobilized and making a change for WaterAid through fundraising initiatives, show your support and offer to match any contribution. This incentive increases motivation to raise more and satisfaction in working for an employer who gives back to social causes.

Donating appreciated securities, such as stock or mutual funds, to WaterAid is a tax-wise approach for helping provide clean water and sanitation to those in need.

Stamp your support on one of our high-profile events or campaigns and elevate the impact of our work at the same time! We have two large scale multi month campaigns with focus and effect each year as well, we host high profile events a few times a year in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. Join us and support through sponsorship dollars so that your company can gain more exposure for the good work it supports.

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