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How our monthly donors are changing lives

Three years ago, Sarobidy and her brother were her family's water carriers. She would collect water for her family, and he would collect water for their grandmother. At 12 years old, Sarobidy spoke to us about how she was only five years old when she began collecting water. Although the water source was relatively short at only 15 minutes, the walk was not safe.

The path is slippery and it’s not good at all. There was a time I fell. The path was really slippery and then I just skidded and fell down. I got hurt when I fell down.”

With the support of people like you, Sarobidy's life has changed. 

A teenage girl wearing a blue tshirt stands with her arms crossed, smiling to the camera. A building with open doors is behind her.
Image: WaterAid/ Ernest Randriarimalala

Now 15, Sarobidy no longer needs to make the dangerous journey to the nearby lake. There are taps beside her home that she can use to get clean water, and her family now has their own toilet. Sarobidy dreams of becoming a doctor to take care and heal sick people in her community. With a healthier future ahead of her, she is one step closer to her dream becoming a reality.

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