Everyone, everywhere, by 2030. Our vision is of a world where everyone, everywhere has safe and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene.

But global progress towards that vision is shamefully slow:

  • 703 million people in the world – almost one in ten – don’t have clean water close to home.
  • 1.5 billion people in the world – almost one in five – don’t have a decent toilet of their own.
  • Almost 2 billion people in the world – one in four – lack soap and/or water to wash their hands at home, if they have a place at all. 
  • 800 children die every day as a result.

Unless there is a monumental shift in ambition and approach, the global promise made in the Sustainable Development Goals for everyone, everywhere to have access to safe and lasting water and sanitation and basic hygiene by 2030 will not be fulfilled for many decades to come.

That is why, in this new Global Strategy, we will transform our ambitions, partnerships and approaches to help bring an end to the water, sanitation and hygiene crisis, forever. For everyone. No excuses.

In the past, we and our partners have transformed the lives of tens of millions of people by bringing clean water, decent toilets and hygiene. Now, we seek to catalyze change that will deliver these essentials to hundreds of millions more.

Together with our partners and supporters, we will work with determination towards the day when our work is no longer needed.

This is our strategy for making that happen.

Download the Global Strategy 2022-2032 document


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