World’s breach of 1.5c marks a cataclysmic failure to protect the world’s most vulnerable, says WaterAid

February 8, 2024
40 year old, Rabia, has been suffering from a Urinary Tract Infection for a few months and her condition was exaceberated when she was displaced two months ago after unprecedented flooding damaged her home in District Badin, Sindh, Pakistan on 24th October, 2022
Image: WaterAid/ Khaula Jamil

In response to the world's first year-long breach of key 1.5C warming limit, Patience Mukuyu, WaterAid’s climate specialist, said:

“The world’s first year-long breach of 1.5 marks a cataclysmic failure from global leaders to protect the world’s most vulnerable to climate change. 

 "From sea-level rise to flooding, cyclones and droughts, the climate crisis is a water crisis with devastating impacts on communities on the front line of climate change – hitting those least responsible for it the hardest.

“From flood defenses to drought resistance, the solutions exist. Now we urgently need UK and global governments to wake up and act for those whose lives are destroyed daily by climate change. 

“Mitigation is crucial - but we need to see public finance for locally-led adaptation more than doubled and balanced to match amounts for mitigation. There’s no time for more excuses. For the world’s most vulnerable, this is a matter of life or death.”


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