When your support enables our partners to dig a well or build a tap stand, it's no exaggeration to say it's the start of something that will change people’s lives forever. And when you combine clean water with decent toilets and good hygiene? That’s when communities really start to thrive.

1. Water is health

Adela, 39, with her baby Francis, 13 months, who is being weighed at Busolwa Health Centre, Nyang'hwale District, Tanzania, June, 2019.;
Image: WaterAid/James Kiyimba

It’s simple, but true: having clean water close by, and at clinics like this one in Tanzania, saves lives. It helps babies make it through their vulnerable first five years, gives new mums the best chance of survival and gives everyone a fighting chance of avoiding waterborne diseases.

2. Water is livelihoods

Gita Roy (38) monitors the Reverse Osmosis plant. She is the leader of Golap Dol, Tengrakhali village, Kadakati, Assasuni, Satkhira District,  Khulna Division, Bangladesh, 2021;
Image: WaterAid/Drik/ Farzana Hossen

Clean water gives people the time and resources to find jobs, learn new skills and run successful businesses. It helps them break free from poverty and change their lives for good, whether they are monitoring the reverse osmosis plant, like Gita Roy in Bangladesh, brewing beer or making bricks.

3. Water is time

Saraswoti Kumari Singh, 17, collecting water from the well near her home in Malhanma, Lahan-24, Nepal, April 2021.
Image: WaterAid/Sailendra Kharel

In most countries, the burden of collecting water falls mainly on girls and women. But when they only need to carry it a few steps from the nearest tap, like Saraswoti in Nepal, that time is freed up, giving her the chance to laugh, to play and to go to school.

4. Water is education

School children studying in their classroom at Delhi Nigam Primary School. Nawada Village - 1, New Delhi, India. 9 April 2019.;
Image: WaterAid/Dhiraj Singh

Spending time in the classroom is something many children can only dream of. When they no longer have to collect water every day, that dream can come true – opening up a world of opportunities, as these pupils in India are learning.

5. Water is transformation

Sereyvoath (46) and his colleague unclog the sewer, Battambang province, Cambodia, March, 2022.;
Image: WaterAid/Chop Seyha

170 years ago, North America's first sewerage system was built. It started the transformation of our cities, helping to eliminate diseases like cholera. Now we’re working with some of the world’s poorest communities, including Battambang, Cambodia to implement that same change, so everyone can look forward to a healthier future.

6. Water is dignity

Bushra (10) informs her class-fellows, family and community members about WASH techniques with the help of a training she attended by Wateraid in Muzaffargarh District, Pakistan. March 29, 2022;
Image: WaterAid/ Saiyna Bashir

Clean water is something so many of us take for granted. But being able to wash regularly in a clean, private place is essential to lead a dignified life.

7. Water is life

Anja, 23, and her boy, Dylan, 18 months old, collecting water at their water point in Antsahinafenina village, Manjakandriana commune, Analamanga region, Madagascar, March 2023.;
Image: WaterAid/Ernest RANDRIARIMALALA

We never get tired of talking about water. Why? Because, quite simply, we can’t live without it. And because, every day, we get to hear incredible stories - and see inspiring photos like this one from Madagascar - showing how water is enabling people to unlock their potential and transform their lives. Forever.

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