Welcome to the remote kitchen

Ernest Randriarimalala cooking a meal
Image: WaterAid/Ernest Randriarimalala

Welcome to the remote kitchen. Dinner is served!

WaterAid's field officers from around the world are showing you how to cook their favourite dishes. Local delicacies from cassava to grasshopper are on show, so we hope you're hungry.

First up, Ernest from Madagascar cooks pork and cassava for a group of excited children in Ambohibary. Adding fresh coconut sounds like an incredible way to serve up rice

Episode 2 takes place in the village of Chibawe in Zambia. WaterAid's Chileshe and his friend Jocelyne cook musozya amasi - boiled maize with fermented milk, which people in the Southern region love.

Next, Basile from Burkina Faso - his food is, er, very delicious, if he does say so himself. Sautéed chicken with zamne seeds from the local acacia trees. You should give it a try!

Then a Ugandan delicacy which is very tasty, very nutritious, and very crunchy in your mouth... James is cooking fried grasshoppers, fresh from the market.

Episode 5 is Mani's Nepalese chicken curry, made with some help of the community of Tenamor.

Finally, Dennis is in Bwemba village in Malawi cooking up some nsima and chambo - bread and fish to you and me - with more than a little help from Memory.

Our field officers-turned-chefs couldn't prepare these delicious meals without clean water to wash their hands and ingredients. We want to reach more communities like Ambohibary and Chibawe with clean water, so more people can share the joy of cooking.