The Malawi Country Programme Strategy 2016-21 is aligned with WaterAid’s Global Strategy 2015-20, and its aims of equality, sustainable services, integration and hygiene promotion.

WaterAid Global Strategy

Malawi Country Programme Strategy

WaterAid Malawi’s strategy was developed with the intention of contributing towards achieving universal access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) by 2030 (and the wider Sustainable Development Goals), whilst simultaneously strengthening the country's WASH sector so that it is fit-for-purpose for years to come.

The strategy, based on four strategic objectives, is based on years of experience in the field using learning from the communities where WaterAid and its partners work. 

  • We empower citizens to take responsibility and actively engage in the realisation of their rights to WASH

  • Sustainable, equitable and inclusive WASH services are delivered at scale

  • The WASH sector is well coordinated, responsive, accountable and creates an enabling environment for integrated delivery of equitable and sustainable WASH services

  • Sanitation and hygiene are recognised and prioritised across sectors as a public health concern and there is increased adoption of behavioural change at scale.

Each of WaterAid Malawi’s programmes – Sustainable Programme Delivery, Sanitation and Hygiene Advancement and Prioritisation, and Sector Engagement and Influencing – contribute towards our strategic objectives. Outside of specific programme work, we will also seek to advocacy and influence policy with national and international stakeholders, such as trans-boundary issues.

Central to the strategy are our efforts to maintain rights, equity and inclusion at the heart of each of the programmes. We do this by working with geographically and socially isolated groups (for example, communities living in hard-to-reach areas), as well as taking into consideration factors that could prompt further isolation or exclusion such as gender, disability, age, and chronic illness.

For almost twenty years we've been at the heart of expanding access to water, sanitation and hygiene in Malawi, particularly in healthcare centres and schools.

Stories from our work

From the people we work with, to those whose lives have changed because of clean water, good toilets and decent hygiene.

Where we work

We work in rural and urban communities across the country to make sure that geography isn't an obstacle to accessing essential services.