Through our partnership, Kimberly-Clark works to highlight issues around water, sanitation and hygiene, while raising funds for projects in South Africa, Bangladesh and Nigeria.

Our partnership: Toilets Change Lives

Ending extreme poverty and creating a healthier, more prosperous future can't be achieved without clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

That's why we've been working with Andrex® and Kimberly-Clark Professional, as part of their Toilets Change Lives initiative, to provide new and improved public toilets in South Africa, Bangladesh and Nigeria.

Alongside improving sanitation facilities in cities like Dhaka and Chittagong in Bangladesh, Toilets Change Lives works closely with communities here to raise awareness of good hygiene practices – and in doing so, supports thousands of people to realise these basic human rights.

In 2018, Andrex® and Kimberly-Clark Professional committed to donating at least £100,000 to support our work, by contributing two pence for every special WaterAid pack of Andrex® Gentle Clean purchased in the UK.

Since then Kimberly-Clark has further renewed their commitment, continuing to invest in work that will increase thousands of people's access to public toilets and clean water.


Bringing the global sanitation crisis to the UK high street

In 2017, we gave shoppers in England the chance to visit busy streets in Bangladesh and experience what it feels like when there’s no toilet, by interacting with this 360° video:

And for World Toilet Day in November 2018, our pop-up installation brought the realities of the global sanitation crisis to London's Shoreditch Boxpark.

WaterAid and Andrex show Londoners how toilets change lives on World Toilet Day 2018
WaterAid and Andrex show public how toilets change lives this World Toilet Day
WaterAid/Getty Images

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