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Welcome to Learn with Frat, a new series of virtual classes starring the community of Frat in Ethiopia. Whether you're a foodie who wants to learn how to make a new flatbread, or a linguist keen to try a new language, you're in the right place.

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Meet your teachers

Mengistu, principle of the Frat School in Frat, Ethiopia.
Image: WaterAid/ Joey Lawrence


Proud of his school, principal Mengistu has high hopes for his pupils. Yet, the lack of clean water is affecting their learning: “We hope these children will become doctors, engineers, pilots. I feel sick when they are not learning properly. It makes me very unhappy.”

Cafe owner Marima in Frat, Ethiopia.
Image: WaterAid/ Genaye Eshetu


Café owner and farmer Marima told us that her community helps one another in times of need; they call it 'wenfell'. She said her neighbour Mahamud and his family "helped me when I was planting red peppers and weeding. After some months they have also helped me during harvesting."

Hawa in Frat, Ethiopia.
Image: WaterAid/ Joey Lawrence


One of Frat's powerhouses, women's group leader Hawa attends meetings and training organised by the local government. Through this, Hawa has taught women how to build pit latrines, shelves for draining dishes, and more.

Henock, a member of the environment group at Frat School. Frat, Ethiopia.
Image: WaterAid/ Genaye Eshetu


Henock joined the environment group to learn and teach others about environmental protection, hygiene and sanitation. He believes that education is key when talking about the changing climate: "Everyone should be aware of what’s coming. Everyone should do their part to conserve the environment.”