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Fundraise for WaterAid this Lent and together, we can help those hit hardest by climate change to prepare for a more certain future – whatever the weather.

We all need clean water and decent toilets. But around the world, millions of people are still without these essentials – and, as climate change brings more extreme weather, things are only getting worse.

Wells are running dry. Floods are polluting water sources. And extreme weather is washing away taps and toilets, right where they're needed the most.

It's often the most vulnerable communities who are hit hardest by climate change, despite treating the lightest on this planet. But together, we can do something about this injustice.

This Lent, will you join Jars of Change and give communities a steady supply of clean water they can rely on, whatever our changing climate brings?

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How it works

Encourage your members to give something up for Lent, then collect the money they save and donate it to WaterAid.

You can use our all-age talk to inspire your group, as well as our Sunday school and youth activities to engage your youngest members.

We've also put together some suggested fundraising ideas if you'd rather host an event, like a pancake sale or Lent lunch, or support our work in a different way instead!

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“We left our home at night when the flood was about to reach us”

20-year-old Shama knows all too well just how destructive climate change can be.

When unprecedented rains in 2022 caused widespread flooding across Badin, southeastern Pakistan, she and her young family were forced to flee their home and take shelter at a temporary roadside camp.

With no toilets, Shama had no choice but to wait until nightfall to go in the bushes.

The nearest source of drinking water was several kilometres' walk away; for everything else, including bathing her three-year-old daughter, stagnant floodwater was her only option.

Bathing in floodwater caused us to get an intense skin infection, which hurts a lot. I feel miserable when my daughter cries with pain and I can't do anything.

Shama bathes her three-year-old daughter in dirty floodwater after rains destroyed their home in Badin, Pakistan.
The dirty floodwater gave Shama's entire family painful rashes – but after their home was destroyed, there was simply no alternative.
Image: WaterAid/ Khaula Jamil

The ripple effect of clean water

The floods had a devastating impact on 50-year-old Khateeja Ali Nawaz's village too: heavy rains destroyed water supplies, washed away toilets, and left many families homeless.

But thanks to new hand pumps installed by our local partner, residents here are building back stronger – and Khateeja's leading the way.

As a dedicated member of the local WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) committee, she's passionate about making life better for her community.

Khateeja and Ali Nawaz at the hand pump in their village of Bokhi, Pakistan.
Khateeja and her husband, Ali, at one of Bokhi's new hand pumps – a simple solution that's providing people here with a reliable source of clean water.
Image: WaterAid/ Kamran Mohyudin

When the hand pump was installed, a lot of our problems were solved.

She's learned how to maintain the pumps so they keep working, whatever the weather.

She's teaching women about good hygiene and menstrual health practices.

And she's building a latrine with her husband, showing her neighbours how it's done – and encouraging them to follow suit.

We're determined to make a difference, especially for the betterment of our children.

Will your group join us this Lent, and help us reach more vulnerable communities with simple, sustainable solutions that keep clean water flowing – whatever the weather?

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What to give up

Think of something you use or buy often: a cup of coffee or a chocolate bar a day quickly adds up, and the money you save can make a real difference to women like Shama and their families.

You might want to give up a habit instead, like buying bottled water or taking long baths, or even start a new one – such as volunteering in your local community, or choosing to walk more. Then every time you succeed, pop some small change in your collection and watch it grow!

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How to pay in your fundraising

Please don't forget to send us any donations or money you raised.

If you'd rather pay by cheque, please make it payable to WaterAid and send it, along with a completed donation form (PDF), to:

Freepost RTXT-JECK-XBKU, WaterAid, York House, Wetherby Road, Long Marston, YORK YO26 7NH

You can also give our Supporter Care team a call on 020 7793 4594 – they'll be happy to help!

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