Walk or run a long distance challenge

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Whether you decide to walk, jog or run, a long-distance challenge is a great way to raise lots of money while doing something amazing!

Pick from varying distances and terrains – whatever suits you. You can choose to walk, jog or run, so there's something for everyone! You can go solo, or form a team of challengers to take on the distance in solidarity. The important thing is to ask for sponsorship, so you'll be motivated to keep going. You can be a part of our goal to reach everyone, everywhere with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

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Ready? Start fundraising

Set up a JustGiving fundraising page to collect sponsorship and use our fundraising resources to help you boost your donations.

Need a hand? Get in touch

We're on hand to help you out in any way you need - whether it's some training tips, a motivational message or advice on how to fundraise.