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WaterAid/Chloe Howcroft

Explore Madagascar

Introducing WaterAid Voices, a ground-breaking educational experience for Amazon Alexa devices.

WaterAid Voices

WaterAid Voices is an interactive storytelling experience that helps you learn about life in another land – a country rich with wildlife and culture, but missing three important things: clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

Take a journey through sound to the Madagascan village of Tsarafangitra. Through a series of six fun interactive voice messages, you will learn some handy phrases in the local language, recipes in Malagasy cuisine and how to spot a zebu through quizzes and mini-games.

The making of

Ernest Randriarimalala, photographed while field recording sounds of a Malagasy rural market in Ambohidronono village.
Image: WaterAid/Chloe Howcroft

Ernest, part of the WaterAid team in Madagascar, has visited Tsarafanigtra lots of times over the past few years. This time, he brought a recorder to capture the sounds of daily life in the community just for this skill.

From the calls of wildlife to the hubbub of kitchen at dinner time, our Alexa skill will let you fully immerse yourself in the sounds and stories of Malagasy life. 

More about Alexa Skills

A skill is sort of like an app on your phone, but is driven by voice and found on a device (like an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot) which uses Alexa to speak to you. You can browse all of the skills available on the Amazon Skill store.

You can simply say 'Alexa, Enable WaterAid Voices' to your Alexa device and the skill will automatically become available to you.

Alternatively, make sure you’re logged into your Amazon account, then head to the Alexa Skill store and search for WaterAid Voices. Click enable (it‘s free) and the skill will download to your Alexa device.

Once you have enabled WaterAid Voices on your Alexa device, you can say a command to make it open and begin:

'Alexa, open WaterAid Voices'
'Alexa, ask WaterAid Voices to open first message'

If you want to close WaterAid Voices and return to the general Alexa area, you can say:

‘Alexa, stop’ or ‘Alexa, exit’

If you’re hearing this phrase from your Alexa device, it means the device has disconnected from Wi-Fi. Try switching the device off and on again, or disconnecting and reconnecting to your Wi-Fi.

WaterAid Voices doesn’t collect any sensitive data - only your first name, but this isn’t shared with any third parties.