Promoting menstrual hygiene through the power of radio

Image: WaterAid/Elena Heatherwick

It’s a familiar scene to households around the world; Solonge, her mother and siblings are gathered in their house, listening intently to a radio in the middle of the room. Even the youngest, six year-old Danny, is engrossed in the sounds drifting from the little black box. They're listening to a drama broadcast by a local radio station from their village in Rwanda.

Solonge with her mother Emelthe and six-year-old brother Danny, gathered around the radio to listen to one of Solonge's radio plays
Image: WaterAid/Elena Heatherwick

But this radio drama is a little different to those you hear on BBC Radio 4. This play is helping to spread important messages about good hygiene, especially for girls and women on their periods. And Solonge is one of the stars! She’s part of a group that performs regular radio plays on Radio Ishingiro – Rwanda’s largest community radio station that reaches over four million people (that’s a third of the population).