4Water community classes

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Transform lives, one lesson at a time

About 4Water

Got a skill that you love? Want to share it with others and support WaterAid at the same time? Start a community class 4Water today and transform lives, one lesson at a time.

4Water is a network of volunteers across Europe, including Cardiff, Glasgow, London and Manchester in the UK, who dedicate time to setting up and running community classes in their local areas. The money raised from the classes is donated to WaterAid.

It’s the perfect way to share knowledge and skills with your local community, whilst also helping others around the world get access to clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. Volunteers can teach any skill they’re passionate about in their classes. Currently, 4Water run classes for dance, yoga, climbing, languages, photography and more, in 10 cities across Europe.

The members of 4Water also meet up in a different city to have fun, share skills and learn more about the water and sanitation crisis, including how it impacts upon people’s lives and what WaterAid are doing about it.

To date the 4Water group have raised over £300,000 for WaterAid!

How to get involved